Real estate is a big industry and offers fierce competition in terms of sales. Therefore, agents and realtors need expert online and offline marketing skills to keep themselves up with the pace. What is important in real estate is to close the deal on time. This does not sound much of work but it actually requires a lot of effort and excellent marketing skill.

The most important part in the effective closing of the deal is taking the follow up from the lead. Many agents and lenders struggle to follow up effectively and quickly with their leads because of their busy schedule which resultantly losses the deal. ShoutBoss, best Insides Sales Agent For Realtors is an excellent platform which helps the agents and lenders in keeping the focus on closing the deals. ShoutBoss uses simple automation which helps in keeping the track of time.

Time is Money

Time matters in almost every business deal but it values the most in real estate business. According to the Harvard Business Review, It is proven that there are chances of 9 times more lead contact rate if the leads are called within the first 5 minutes of their registration rather than calling them after 10 minutes.

Cold Calling

In order to gain more leads, real estate agents and lenders try to follow the path of cold calling. It is a wrong strategy as it calls off the leads.ShoutBoss, the Best Real Estate Insides Sales Agent is an excellent platform for your business to flourish. It provides effective automation for your lead follow up. It provides you with personalised Voicemail and Text which helps you to take follow up with your lead without making cold calls.

It always hurt more if you pay for a lead and a competitor has a better chance in closing the deal just because you did not respond quickly enough. ShoutBoss can avoid such situations. Through ShoutBoss you can create voicemails recorded in your own voice and set the automated voicemail drops in case of urgency so you miss no business deal.