What Is ShoutBoss?

ShoutBoss is like having a highly skilled inside sales team in the palm of your hand.

You didn’t get in to real estate to cold call your leads all day. Let ShoutBoss handle all of your prospecting, new lead follow-up and long term nurture ensuring you never lose a sale again.

Trusted by top producing agents and lenders...

ShoutBoss helps Realtors and Mortgage Lenders across
the United States & Canada qualify and convert more leads every day

“THANK YOU ShoutBoss! I just got a phone call through the system from a lead that registerd 17 hours ago. When I answered, he said “You certainly are persistent and that’s why I called you back!” He had been talking to another real estate company but he set an appointment with ME for Monday! Not only is he buying up to $300k, he has a property that will list in the low $200’s and will sell in nano seconds in this market!!!!”
Susan Crawfold
Home Crew Triangle
"Thank you ShoutBoss for teeing up the $850,000 buyer that I just put under contract. Now thats HOT 🔥🔥🔥!!!"
Lona Leugers
Leugers Group eXp

How does ShoutBoss help you get a
higher ROI with your leads?

Speed To Lead

NAR reports show that prospects work with the first agent they connect with. ShoutBoss engages your leads at the moment they register with 15 contact attempts over 7 days.

Never Miss An Opportunity

ShoutBoss is there when even you’re not because over 50% of leads come in at night and on weekends. Its just like having a room full of full-time ISA’s working your leads for you.

Relentless Follow Up

Either you follow up or you fold up. 90% of leads convert after the contact 6th attempt. Thats why ShoutBoss nurtures your old & unresponsive leads for 12 months ensuring that you get every drop of ROI

Peace Of Mind

What hurts more? Paying for a lead or watching a competitor close a lead you paid for. Rest easy knowing that the leads you paid for are being engaged and converted immediately.

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